How to Choose the Right Pot for Your Plant

It’s an important question – if you choose the wrong pot, your plant won’t thrive and, in the worst case, it could die.  There’s not much to know but I thought I’d share it today.

My Monstera Plant

A few months ago, I was given Air So Pure Monstera plant. I love it!  It’s grown so quickly. Of courseI forgot to take a photo of it before I repotted it.

The instructions for the care of this plant are:

Monstera is so easy to grow and can tolerate either a light or dark spot, but preferably not direct sunlight.  Try not to plant the plant in a draft, and keep in a warm environment.

That seems easy enough.

It continues:

Water once a week. The soil should not be allowed to dry out. Monstera originates from a region with high humidity, so enjoys a spray/mist once a week with water in order to keep the leaves dust-free and damp.

Accidental Neglect

This is where it gets a bit sticky.  Unfortunately, I was called away unexpectedly and I was gone for weeks.  My family joined me after a few days and we left the house in the care of Jesse’s girlfriend for the first week, then the neighbours, who fed the cats.  No-one was told to water the plants!

Fortunately, the plant survived!

I was actually home a couple of days before I even thought about it and the soil was completely dry. I had lost one little new leaf but, apart from that, the plant was still in great condition.  Thank goodness.

The plant has grown quite a lot since I received it, and I feel that it really needs a new pot.  Now these plants can grow huge.  A quick Google search told me that they grow 3-4.5m (10-15ft) tall and 2.5m (8ft) wide.  Once it’s grown, I really don’t know where I will put it in my new house but I think I at least need to prepare for some growth by giving it a new home.


My plant is currently in the juvenile stage (the centre one below). If you are interested in learning more about the growth stages of this plant, here’s a very interesting post about that.

Homes Pursuit

What to Consider When Choosing a Pot

There are two important factors to consider when choosing a pot for your indoor plant.  Drainage and size.


Drainage is important, especially if your plant doesn't like to have wet feet. Over watering my plant will cause  yellow and brown on the leaves so I want to make sure my pot drains freely so the plant isn't sitting in wet soil making this happen.

There two options in terms of pot choices and you can go either way.  The choice is yours.

Plant Directly Into the Decorative Pot

If you choose to pot your plant directly into the decorative pot then the pot needs drainage holes and a saucer.

Functional Pot Inside the Decorative Pot

If you choose to, you can pot your plant into another pot and put it inside your decorative pot. If you choose this option, your pretty pot doesn’t need to have drainage holes, but your functional pot does, and a saucer.  

I decided to pot my plant directly into my decorative pot.

But first, I needed to find one.

Size of Pot

It's important to give your plant lots of room to grow, especially if, like mine, you're expecting it to grow quite large.

I decided on a pot approximately 30cm (12”) wide and high. I have one that size and I think that it will work really well.  Bear in mind that it will need repotting again at some stage in the future but for now, it’s OK.

Decorative Pot Options

After deciding on the size of pot that I wanted, I went on a search for the right one.  

The next thing I needed to know was what colour theme I wanted.  No brainer for me – you’ve seen my house – it had to be blue and white!

I’m going to leave you some links for pots I found, some here in New Zealand and some in the US.  That way, there’s options for everyone.

Pots in the USA

Target Pot

I found this lovely pot at Target for all the US readers.  It’s beautiful. I love the shiny blue ceramic and it’s a really great size and shape for my plant. I can see my plant thriving in this one.

Southern Patio Wisteria Ceramic

This Oriental Furniture 30cm (12") Landscape Blue & White Porcelain Fish bowl is absolutely gorgeous. It would be heavier than the metal one but it still has no drainage and saucer.  Also, the price is a bit higher.

Oriental Furniture Porcelain

To me, this Trendspot 30cm (12”) Ceramic Blue Mediterranean Bell Planter is perfect. It has both drainage and a saucer.

Trendspot Ceramic

Pots in New Zealand and Australia

One of the few disadvantages of living in New Zealand is that postage from the USA can be very expensive so shopping in Australia or New Zealand is preferable.

I did find this wonderful pot at Early Settler.  It is only 26cm high but I think it will still work.  It’s on special at the moment so that’s a bonus.  

Early Settlor Australia / Early Settlor New Zealand

This square pot is quite different. It’s very unique. It has drainage but no saucer and it could be a challenge to fit another pot inside it because of the shape.  The little legs would allow me to put a little saucer underneath.

Bed Bath & Beyond Square

What Did I Buy?

In the end, I decided to go with the Bed, Bath & Beyond pot.  When I went to look at it I found that it was perfect for my plant. AND, it was on special down from $69.99 to only $18.00. That's a real bonus. Here’s my plant, all potted up and looking much happier in its new home.



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August 1, 2023