5 Effective Tips to Overcome Jewellery Creative Block and Boost Creativity

Hey there, my fabulous friend! Today we're diving into the oh-so-relatable topic of creative block.

We've all been there, right? You're cruising  on your jewellery journey, feeling like a creative wizard, and then  suddenly...


The creative juices hit the pause button. What  are you going to do? Don't worry, I've got your back!

In fact, I’ve got 5 tips that are going to help you stop that creative block in its tracks and number 5 is a doosy!

Change Your Environment

Sometimes, a change in scenery is all you need to stimulate your creativity.

If you’re working a project and you feel  stuck, try getting up and moving around.

Go for a walk, go shopping (I’m not  advocating retail therapy!) or go out for coffee.  Just take a break. Chances are you’ll  return and things will work again.

A change of scenery can be a game-changer.

Sometimes if your creative block is a bit more substantial and has been going on for a while, you could consider rearranging  your workspace, or working in a different room. Exposure to new surroundings  can trigger fresh ideas and perspectives.

I often find that reorganising the beads  helps me to change my state. I look at all the pretty things and it gives me  ideas. I see cool beads that I’ve forgotten I have and that spurs the  creative juices.

It's like a giving your creativity a mini-makeover!

Experiment with New Materials or Techniques

Sometimes, it’s as simple as you’ve gotten yourself into a rut. You may be bored with what you’re working on.  

If you're feeling stuck with the materials you usually use, try something new.  For example, if you usually work with wire, try mixing it up with some  leather cord. Try different colours and textures. You never know, you might  find something really amazing.

It can also help to learn a new technique.  Watch a tutorial (um – I have plenty!).

Change it up a bit. If you have been making  lots of necklaces, try whipping up some 5 minute earrings.

Draw Inspiration from Different Sources

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta switch it up a  bit to get the inspiration flowing!

Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube -  there’s  endless inspiration there!

But what if the well is still dry?

You can try looking beyond the world of  jewellery.

When you’re out for your walk, look at the things in nature. Do you see an interesting shaped piece of drift wood while  walking on the beach?

What about going to an art exhibition.  

There's literally inspiration everywhere if  you look!

One place I love to go if the inspiration has  gone on holiday, is to vintage jewellery. Did you ever see that TV show Miss  Fisher’s Murder Mysteries? It’s set in the 1920s and I just loved to look at  the jewellery. I also loved the clothes but that’s a whole other story.

Trust me, getting out and looking for inspiration in unexpected places can be revolutionary!

Practice Self-Care

Sometimes creative block is caused by our  life circumstances and if you push too hard to try and get through the block  it can lead to burnout.    

Remember, creative blocks can be a sign to slow down.

It’s important that you take the time to take  care of yourself.  That might mean  different things to different people

Hit the gym, indulge in a spa day, or just  binge-watch your favourite show. Taking care of YOU is key. Be patient, and  trust that your creativity will come back stronger than ever.

Collaborate With Others

We artists can be solo creatures – what don’t you think you’re an artist? You are you know!    

If you’re feeling a bit lonely on your  creative journey maybe it’s time to team up!

Try the local art community to see if there  are other jewellery makers there.

If you can’t meet up with others in person,  it be might helpful to join an online group.

Ahem, shameless plug—check out my private Jewel Box group on the Style Makers Network, where we discuss all things jewellery making. We’ve been discussing creative block quite a bit lately.

Have you ever suffered from creative block and what did you do to shift it?

Jewellery I'm Wearing

Here are links to jewellery I'm wearing in the video:

I made the necklace in a tutorial about using shape and texture in jewellery.

I made the earrings from Indian Glass Beads.

My bracelet is made from memory wire.

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April 3, 2024