Winter's a coming and other things

Well, this morning we got up to a balmy 2 degrees, the first frost of the season.  I guess it's a sign of things to come, although I'm not much looking forward to the winter.  Last year was extremely mild, I actually found it OK, at least the sun shone more than it does in Wellington, even if it was -17 degrees!  There wasn't much snow last year.  I guess I'm not looking forward to it this year simply because I spend so much time in the car now.  I'm sure I'll get used to it, just like I have the travel.  I must say, that the mornings lately have been stunning.  The sunrises are beautiful and by the time I take Jesse to school the sun is a bright orange ball in the sky.  The colour of the leaves just adds to the effect.  I do like the fall, I'd be happy for it to stay like this for six months of the year.

Jenna received a wonderful parcel from my niece today - 8 cans of V, a beautiful pencil drawing of David Bowie (artists ability runs in the family), a block of Whittakers dark chocolate and a black singlet with "I love NZ Bro" on the front, very appropriate.  She is off to the KEA pub night tonight so I think I know what she'll be wearing.

Must say the chocolate is very welcome, mmm if I can convince her to share it.  The only brand of chocolate that I like here seems to have gone off the market so my life has been chocolate free lately.  If you know me, you know that I'm not handling that very well.  HINT, HINT!

Whilst driving this morning I was thinking about NZ drivers, probably sparked on because there was someone going the wrong way in a one way lane at the roadworks, of which there are plenty at the moment.  On average, I think NZ drivers are pretty good.  It might have something to do with the fact that there is enormous amounts of advertising in NZ regarding your driving skills.  You just don't see there here, no drunk driving ads, no seatbelt ads, nothing, it's kinda strange and in some weird way I actually miss them.

Well, Andy had a fantastic time in Austin.  I have asked him to write a blog entry for me and upload the photos, hopefully he will have time soon.

Hope the weather is warming up where you are (or cooling down if you're on this side of the World).  Have a fantastic day!



Carol Karl

October 13, 2010