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For a while now we have been purchasing raw organic (unpasturised and unhomogenised) milk from Wind River Organics.  It's delivered to the city and we collect it on Saturday morning.  Because the milk to so fresh and natural, we can buy milk for a whole week and it doesn't go off.  In fact, we've had it in our fridge for about 10 days before it started to turn to yoghurt - something that milk from the supermarket doesn't do, it just rots.

At the weekend, we went to visit the farm and meet Mike, the farmer.  It was really cool.  We spent quite a lot of time with Mike talking about milk and health and food the way it used to be.  He's a really knowledgeable guy.  He told us that milk is like wine - it tastes different depending on what the cows are fed.  Of course, Mike's cows are fed organic grass with no nitrates.  

Jesse was also really pleased to meet the cows.  

I'm not going to say much more about the raw milk except that it tastes like milk should.  It tastes like milk did when I was young.  During my childhood, my family used to visit a friend's farm every Sunday.  We would often drink milk straight from the cow (a little too warm for my taste) and the milk in the fridge the real stuff.  It tasted great.  Remember the time when you used to fight with your brothers and sisters about who was going to get the cream on the top of the milk - that's what this is like.  A blast from the past and something we are definitely going to continue.

It's got me thinking about making butter and yoghurt and cheese - oh the possibilities are endless!

Check out Mike's website - it's well worth the read.  If you have doubts about the risks of drinking raw milk, he covers it there.


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Carol Karl

December 23, 2013