What a Beautiful Day

It was an amazingly stunning day today (actually it has been for the last few). Today I decided it was well past time I found a hairdresser so we went to Streetsville, a suburb of Mississauga which is kind of a village, sort of like Ponsonby. Our friendly Realtor Anastasia suggested that was the best place to go. There was so much choice I really didn't know which one to choose. I think I counted 6 spas within a 100m block and hairdressers are just as prevalent.

Having made an appointment we went to Starbucks as this is the only place that does dairy free hot chocolate - but it was so hot that I had an iced chocolate. Lovely!


A cold one - iced chocolate that is!
The sun was just too bright for Jenna's smoothie!
Someone really should have told the guy behind us he couldn't sing - he played the guitar well but he should have stopped there!

After that we drove all the way down Mississauga Road - from one end to the other. Well, we decided that's where we want to live! Need to work hard for a few years to manage that tho. These are huge houses with big sections and swimming pools - oh for a swimming pool in this weather. The road is just amazing, tree lined and beautiful - ah - one day!

We found this lovely park right next to the lake at the end of Mississauga Road. Decided we will go there for a BBQ tomorrow afternoon.



Carol Karl

August 15, 2009