We Have A House!!

Yes, at long last we have a house!

After searching for 7 long weeks, seeing approximately 70 houses and putting offers on 5 different houses, we finally have found a landlord who is willing to take the risk of renting to someone who doesn't have a job (as long as we paid 6 months rent in advance)!



Great Kitchen

With pantry

Just as well I like blue!

You would think that we were just being fussy looking at this many houses but believe me, we weren't. Just to be clear, we didn't look in all these houses - probably only about half of them. We have seen tiny wee town houses, huge houses that it would cost a fortune to heat and everything in between. I guess we did change our mind about the area we wanted to live in half way through the search but that's OK.

The house is in a nice neighbourhood with mature trees. We are hoping that there are children around because we have only been there when they should be at school. Our landlords live right next door so they can keep a close eye on us - hope they have earplugs for the drums!

It has a beautiful brand new kitchen, as you will see from the photos, which actually has a pantry. For some reason Canadians don't do pantrys.

It has three reasonable sized bedrooms, two and half bathrooms and a basement rec room with a fireplace so all our NZ visitors can stay there (hint, hint!).

Have a look at the photos and let me know what you think!



Carol Karl

September 18, 2009