Walking with Dinosaurs

On Saturday 9 July we went to Walking with Dinosaurs.  It was truly amazing!  Check out the photos.

The trip started earlier in the week - we left Wellington on Wednesday late afternoon and drove to Taupo where we stayed at the Cottage Mews.  We have stayed there many times and it's always friendly and you feel like you've stepped back to the 1980s.

On Thursday we took a slow drive up to Auckland, stopping at the Bendon Outlet in Tirau as they were having a "nothing over $20" sale.  Couldn't resist - I spent $60!

We arrived in Auckland late Thursday.  On Friday we spent the day just enjoying Auckland, looking around, showing Andy and Jesse some of the "haunts" that I had been frequenting during my time there.  

Friday night we stayed with friends and spent the time catching up.

On Saturday, after the show, we went to a pot luck dinner at my friend Susan's house - she invited my friends from work and we had a wonderful time.

We finally travelled home on Monday.  We had a fantastic weekend, thanks to all those who helped to make it special.


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Carol Karl

July 19, 2011