Rosie and Twinkle Day 1.jpg

Recently we made a trip to the SPCA to adopt an adult cat.  On the way up the driveway I gave the kids (and the husband) a big talk about we were only bringing home ONE ADULT cat.  I must say, the woman who showed us around was very clever - she showed us the kittens first, we said no and she showed us the more mature cats.  Unfortunately, my children had already fallen in love with two beautiful kittens, so being the tough mother I am I caved and we brought them home.  

Here's a photo of them on the first day when we brought them home.  The one on the left with the blue collar is Rosie and the one on the right with the purple collar is Twinkle.

Since coming home, they have caused devastation, clawing curtains and chewing everything in sight.

They are now able to go outside (after 3 weeks inside), now that I have finally managed to teach them how to ue the cat door!  They enjoy climbing the hill behind us and climbing trees.  They run madly around the yard when it's windy and race inside when it starts to rain.

All in all, they have brought us great joy.


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September 12, 2012