Toronto's Zombie Walk

At this time of year every year hundreds of Torontonians done disgusting make up, rip their clothes and dress in all sorts of interesting outfits for the annual Zombie Walk.  

Jenna had decided to participate (not really a surprise) and so spent some time this last week creating the perfect zombie outfit, guts hanging out and all.

Jesse and I decided to stay home as the day was miserable and we were tired from our morning jaunt to the Science Centre.  Also, even though Jesse talks the big talk, he's not really that into zombies.

I thought I'd share with you the photos that Andy took.  If you would like to see some of the official photos you can go to this page.

Oh, by the way, there were also the anti-zombie protestors and a man standing outside the library with a sign asking the zombies not to put blood on the windows.

Warning: photos are quite graphic (LOL)!



Carol Karl

October 26, 2010