Yesterday we decided that we would spend the weekend in Toronto. We spent the morning becoming celebrities in Mississauga - our Realtor (as they call them here) asked if Jenna could take some photos of a presentation at the Mississauga City Hall at 10am. We showed up and she ended up roping all of us into it. Andy and I did video and Jenna took photos and now Andy is going to edit the video and make a presentation. We met the Mississauga Member of Provincial Parliament and had our photo taken with him which was funny. He welcomed us as Mississauga's newest residents! Hope that photo doesn't end up in the paper.

The presentation was for the Mississauga Youth Games (MY Games) which got a huge grant from the Trillion Foundation.

Anyway we spent about 2 hours with the Realtor after that as we were waiting for documents to be drawn up. We put an offer in for the house we hope to rent. We found out this morning that it was rejected. We have countered so hopefully they will come back.

Last night we walked the streets of Toronto. We ended up at Mr Greenjeans for dinner. I swear it was the best chicken I've ever tasted - it melted in my mouth!

We walked back to the hotel and by this time we were exhausted. Put Jesse to bed and Jenna and Andy went out on the town. They went to the Loose Moose Bar! Apparently it was a sports bar. There was a huge baseball game on at the Rogers Centre so town was very busy. They stumbled home about 2am.

Today we decided we would check out Queen Street (it's kind of like Cuba Street). It was amazing. We got a taxi to one end and intended to walk back but we only walked about 4 blocks in 3 hours because the shops were so amazing.

Angela, I found the button shop! Two rooms of nothing but boxes of buttons - wow!

Not only that, I found a shop that sells nothing but ribbons and trims. Talk about heaven!

We walked further down and found lots of shops that Jenna liked. We also found fabric shops. Wool fabrics were only $9.99 a metre which is cheap.

I will definitely be visiting this street again and again!

We walked back to the hotel and are now blobbing out having a hot chocolate.



Carol Karl

July 25, 2009