Thunder and Lightning

It's raining today again - it seems that we have brought some unseasonal weather with us. Everyone here is complaining about the weather - it's meant to be about 30 degrees but instead it's averaging about 23-24 and it seems to rain every day. Having said that, it didn't rain yesterday, it was beautiful.

There have been many thunder storms since we arrived, the most impressive was on Sunday but it's happening again today so thought I would blog about it. The lightning is fork lightning and the thunder is like a gun shot. We were driving around looking at yet more houses and the lightning was all around us, the thunder was almost instant so it was obviously right there. Like nothing I have ever seen before.

Yesterday we put in another offer on a house. The other one fell through as the landlord was simply being unreasonable about the terms. This house is short term - for 60 days, just to give us some breathing space. It's brand new, still being finished and we have agreed to live with that in return for the landlord throwing in internet, cable and paying for all utilities. The offer was presented to them last night so we should hear sometime today -keep your fingers crossed.

Today we are hoping to buy a car. We've been driving a rental since we got here and it's costing a fortune so we need to buy something. Not great car hunting weather but it has to be done.

That's it for now, will no doubt blog more later.



Carol Karl

July 29, 2009