This One's For My Fellow Fabric Enthusiasts

On Tuesday Jenna and I caught the subway into downtown Toronto.  We dropped Jesse off at school on the way, he thinks it's pretty cool going to school on the subway.

We arrived downtown about 8.30am but of course none of the shops on Queen Street open until 10am so we parked ourselves at Starbucks for a good people watching time.

The area of Queen Street that we were in is called the Fashion District.  This is where all the fabric, button, ribbon and designer shops are.  Heaven to me!

Though I'd share with you the photos of this day.

We had such an amazing time.  We didn't buy anything, it was purely a fact finding mission as I wanted to research the cost of fabric to make some loose covers for the couch we appropriated from the side of the road.

Well, we had such a fun day, was worn out by the time we got home having walked and walked and walked.



Carol Karl

November 4, 2010