The Long Weekend

Yesterday (Monday) was a public holiday here so we went to the beach - another beach. It was great. The weather was wonderful and the beach was great. There was a waterpark there, no slides but lots of fun for the little ones anyway. We sat out in the sun for about 2 hours and just soaked it up. Jesse and Andy got a little sunburnt but we didn't have any sunscreen on. They have both turned a lovely shade of brown today.

I've also uploaded some photos of our house. It looks great in the photos. We are the one with the for lease sign out the front and that's a picture of our beautiful real estate agent. She's been wonderful to us.

On Saturday we moved in although that's a bit of a joke. We had one car load of stuff. We needed to shop and we did. Was really impressed at how much house stuff (dinnersets and cutlery, etc) we got for under $600. We bought an airbed and camp stretchers for the kids because we don't want to buy lots of stuff until we move again. Having slept on the camp beds one night the kids complained so much that we went and bought them air mattresses to put on top.

On Sunday we went out and purchased the most important piece of equipment (that's Andy talking). A 40" plasma TV, a blue ray player and a sound system. They came as a package deal, all that including taxes for $2000. Now it's sitting on the floor in the lounge and we have to use the air mattresses to sit on while we watch it. Really need to buy a couch next! Of course Andy spent the rest of the day setting it up and then had to go and join Blockbuster so we could watch something as our cable's not connected yet.

Today we went to Ikea. That took almost the whole afternoon. We bought some bar chairs (very comfortable, I'm sitting on one now) and some drawers for Jesse because he's having trouble controlling his clothes in a suitcase. Now Andy has some manly "assembly work" to do but he's finding it a bit hard with no tools.

That's about it for now. Trying something new with the photos, hope you enjoy them.



Carol Karl

August 1, 2009