The Beach on a Winter's Day

We have been trying to get out and about a bit and enjoy this very mild winter we have been experiencing. Not much snow here and the sun has been shining a lot of the time.  Not so warm though, most days it's still under zero but on occasion it gets quite balmy - I think our high last week was 5 degrees.

Anyway, so we have been taking the proverbial Sunday drive.  

Last weekend we went for a long drive along the shore of the Lake Ontario through the city.  It was really nice to see the houses and the scenery.  It is very villagey down that way even though it's in the heart of Toronto.  We went for a quick walk along the beach but even though it was a stunning sunny day it was really cold so Jenna and I returned to the car while Andy and Jesse explored a picnic table that was stuck in the ice.  It was really funny to see snow over the sand.  Not something we'd experienced before.

We're looking pretty cold because it was absolutely freezing.  Note the stylish snow boots that Jenna and I are sporting.  We both liked the same ones so I got grey and she got black.  Jesse had left his snow boots at school but he is wearing his nice new trendy coat.

After some time in the car Jesse and Andy decided they needed to get out again so found a park with a slide.  I'm sure the people who lived around here thought they were crazy.  Everyone else was tucked up in their nice warm houses with their central heating.

Anyway, it is always nice to get out and about and see new sights.



Carol Karl

February 23, 2010