Sights of Toronto

Ok, thought I'd make up for the lack of blogging over the last few days by blogging twice today.

Went to Toronto but didn't end up at the Greek Festival. We thought that we might do a real touristy thing and take the double decker bus tour but it was actually quite cool today (20 degrees) so we decided to visit the Royal Ontario Museum. When we got there we changed our minds about that too - fickle lot us. We got sidetracked by the cool houses and buildings so we drove back home via Bloor Street (one of the many long streets that go from Mississauga through Toronto).

As we drove I took some photos. I didn't take many of the houses. I want to go back and do that because they are very cool but Jenna needed a bathroom stop so we couldn't drive down all the streets we wanted.

A Toronto Streetcar. They run right down the middle of the street on tracks. The passengers have to walk out into the street to get on. Note the fire hydrant. Mississauga ones are red.



Carol Karl

August 8, 2009