Saturday - Starting to Feel More Alive!

Saturday morning and Andy and I were up bright and early. Cristina had a doctors appointment so Chris took us for a drive while we were waiting for her.

I took these photos of some of the houses so that you can see what they look like. They are really different from NZ houses.

Houses are usually detached or semi-detached (shares one wall with another house). Chris and Cristina live in a semi-detached which is probably what we would refer to as a townhouse.

In the afternoon we went for a lovely walk around the neighbourhood. This picture is of Chris and Jesse in front on their house. Also shown here is the family's extremely reliable biological security system Zorra. She's the most beautiful mini schnauser who is very lively. She barks whenever anyone comes to the door. For the first couple of days she barked at us every time she saw us but as you can see, she has come to terms with us being in her home and even let Jesse take her walking.


We went to the park which was at a school - interesting school, had no fences around it. They were talking about the hill at the school which turned out to be a mound of dirt - we know what hills really are!

It's just so flat here and it's lovely to get out and walking. The weather is lovely too. We eat outside at every opportunity. No wind!!!! The food doesn't blow away.



Carol Karl

July 20, 2009