Parry Sound - Labour Weekend

It's Labour Weekend here - we decided to head North out of town on Friday afternoon and stay one night in Parry Sound which is a small town on the edge of one of the many lakes.

Even though we left home at 1pm we didn't arrive in Parry Sound until after 6pm, partly due to the traffic (everyone else evacuating the city for the last summer long weekend) and partly due to us stopping at Barrie to enjoy the beach.

I took two whole SD cards full of photos so decided to put them on photobucket instead of here as it takes ages to upload them here.  Click here - username friends password is karls1234.

We had dinner at Wellingtons - how could we resist - I must say that it was the best chicken salad I've had since arriving in Canada - well done the small town. We stayed at the Best Rates Inn and it was as you can imagine - not the greatest. It got worse in the morning when there was no hot water - cold shower!

We wandered off and had breakfast at Lill's which was incredibly busy - we know why - the food was great. Bacon, eggs and fried potatoes. Andy had the "man's breakfast" which was two of everything including pancakes.

We decided that the best way to see the Sounds was from the air rather than the cruise. So we booked our flights to go up and wandered off to look at the shops. The tour was called 30,000 island tour and I thought they were joking - it would seem not. When you get up in the air you see there are so many islands, it's incredible. A lot of them have cottages on them (Sarah's Cottage on HGTV for those in the know). Imagine owning a whole island! Check out the one with the swimming pool and tennis court.

We ended up staying a second night because we simply couldn't tear ourselves away. We stayed in the most beautiful Victorian B&B. The people were lovely and they told us it was for sale. Hmmmm - perhaps it could be a good business - oh but no!

We then travelled about half an hour North to a bear reserve called Killbear Park (very funny name for a bear reserve!) We didn't see any bears or snakes (thank goodness) but the boys went swimming so Jesse was happy.

The drive home was much quicker as most people were staying away an extra day. We got home very tired but very happy having had the best weekend.



Carol Karl

September 7, 2009