Off to Camp

Have spent the week organising 'stuff' for Jesse to go to school camp.  He leaves tomorrow (Wednesday) morning and will be away until Friday.  Of course, he is looking forward to it a great deal.  

This list of belongings was long and included things like 'rubber boots' (gumboots as the Kiwis among us would call them), wool sweaters (which I couldn't find) and wet pants, which luckily we had from the ice skating of last winter.

The biggest mission was finding wool socks.  After looking in the children's department and finding socks that go up to size 4 and then looking in the mens' section and finding socks that start at size 7, I had to wonder what you do if your feet are sized 5 or 6, as are Jesse's.  Eventually I found some in the women's section (don't tell Jesse).

Of course, once all the belongings were purchased and organised, I had to find a bag to put it all in.  We only owned huge suitcases or tiny ones so another trip to the shopping mall was required.  We managed to find a bag that was just the right size to fit all the clothes, shoes, sleeping bag, blanket and pillow.  Well done!

He is going to Camp Kawartha.  You can visit their website if you want to see what he'll be up to.

In other news, the house hunting has all but stopped.  As there have been no houses forthcoming, we have asked our landlord to stay on for a bit.  I'm getting used to the driving and Jesse is now in the habit of getting up a little earlier.  We leave the house at 7.40am and he gets to school at 8.15am, just on time to unpack his belongings before lessons start at 8.30.  In the afternoon, I collect him at 3.30pm and we're home usually by 4pm so it's not that bad.

Andy has started biking to work, although I've had a couple of 'help' calls to come and collect him when it's been raining in the afternoon.  I wonder what he'll do once it starts to snow.

Well, that's about all the news for now.  I think it's time we did something exciting so I can post some new pictures.



Carol Karl

September 28, 2010