Niagara Falls

Wow, that's all you can say. We set off about 10am this morning and went to Niagara on the Lake which is a small village. We passed through a town called Virgil on the way - for some reason I thought that was funny.

Niagara on the Lake is a beautiful place. We spent quite a long time there. We walked up and down the main street and looked at all the quaint little shops. I'll just pop the photos here and let you judge for yourself.

This is an imprint of a maple leaf on the concrete.It looked like someone had printed it there.

We decided to go get some lunch but managed to lose our hosts along the way. We went back to the lake side to wait for them but they never showed up (apparently they were looking for us too but we missed each other).

We then drove on to Niagara.

Amish people, had to pretend I was taking a photo of Jesse who stood slightly to the side. Unfortunately, these women just wouldn't shift.

It's really just too beautiful for words. We spent about 3 hours there but it was getting late so decided to head home. We will go back and spend a weekend there. One thing that we found very unexpected - there is a whole city at Niagara, we kind of expected that it would be out in the whops but it wasn't.

Had a most fantastic day!

OK, it's time I had a moan I think. Fast food here sucks, in fact, we've found that gluten free food here is almost impossible to buy. We found a pizza place that did gluten free pizza and for that privilege we had to pay $18.24 - the price for Andy and Jesse for 2 pieces of pizza, fries and a "soda" was $5.00. I have not yet seen gluten free bread in the supermarket. I make my own so that doesn't really matter but I'm wondering what others do.

OK, that's it, moan over.

Looking at a school for Jesse tomorrow and yet another house as we negotiated on the other one and we finally rejected their second counter offer because they wanted too much. I feel positive that we will find something soon.



Carol Karl

July 27, 2009