New Haven

On Monday, we got up and chilled for a bit.  We wanted to make a plan for the following day when we were to catch the train to New York.  Also, the fire was going and it was just so nice to sit there and relax.  We were all very tired from the long trip the day before.

We headed out about 11am to New Haven which is only about 25 minutes drive.  This is where Yale University is and Keith works.  

To visit the beach was first on our list of things to do - yes we got to see the Atlantic Ocean!  We have really missed the ocean - the lake just doesn't cut it.

After that we visited McDonalds and Jenna and were naughty partaking in a burger and fries (they tasted like NZ McDonalds!) and yes, we paid for it later but it was worth it.

It was really cold so we just spent some time driving around and occasionally jumping out to take photos.  

The buildings in Connecticut are amazing.  It's funny, Hamden and New Haven were much more like we expected Canada to be like.  Parts of Canada are like this but Toronto is very different.

If you know me, you know that I love old buildings so I've taken lots of photos of those, just skim through them if you're not interested.  

That afternoon, we went back to sitting by the fire and enjoying a wonderful meal cooked by Holly and an evening of good conversation.  Isn't family great!  

A big thank you to Keith, Holly, Bonnie and Ben for making us feel so welcome!


December 27, 2010