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Over the long Easter weekend we went to Nelson.  We got up really early (5am) on Friday morning and caught the ferry to Picton.  This was especially hard for Noa - she's not at all a morning person.  My kids are used to early morning starts so it didn't really bother them.  The ferry ride takes three hours.  It's beautiful leaving the Wellington harbour and it's incredibly beautiful sailing through the Marlborough Sounds.  For some weird reason I didn't take any photos of the sounds this time.  Whoops - sorry about that.

Noa was so excited when we first caught a glimpse of the South Island.  She rushed out onto the deck with her camera - I should have stolen some of her photos.

We got into Picton just before lunch.  We had lunch and then drove off to Nelson through all the windy hills and valleys.  It's a really beautiful drive.  

Nelson is a very pretty city and the weather is much nicer than in Wellington - it's not referred to as Sunny Nelson for nothing.

I'm not going to give you a blow by blow description of the weekend but we did get to sit on the beach and eat fish and chips (Kiwi tradition) and we did get to go to a nice country fair where I got to visit The Country Trading Co which I enjoyed very much.

To be honest, I was pretty sick all weekend so I didn't take many photos but the ones I did take you can find here.

That being said, I think we all had a lovely time.  Noa especially enjoyed her first trip to the South Island.


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March 30, 2013