Near Miss on the Highway

Wow, what a day Sunday was.  We went out on one of our Sunday drives with the intention of visiting Unionville, a tiny little village within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) about a half hours drive from Toronto.  

Anyway, we had to drive on about 4 different highways to get there and we were just coming onto the 404 from the on-ramp.  We came up over the rise only to find that the cars in front of us were stopped.

Thanks to Andy's quick thinking and superb driving skills we managed to miss the car in front by swerving  hard to the left and going around him.  Luckily there was the end of a merging lane beside us so there was somewhere for us to go.  The car that was travelling behind us hit the car that was in front of us so if we had not swerved out of the way, we would have been toast - back and front.  Thank goodness.  I think that the universe was smiling on us.  

Andy was convinced that we had been hit because we could still hear the crashing of cars behind us.  He got out to inspect but we came away unscathed.  We decided to quickly get off the highway for a much needed pit stop and a Starbucks.  We sat there for some time and then decided that a lottery ticket was in order.  Wish us luck for Friday!

After a rest Andy decided that he was happy to go on so we got back in the car and headed for Unionville.  Gosh I'm glad we did.  It's an amazing little place, very quaint with lots of fashion and jewelry shops.  One store had the most beautiful coats I've ever seen - a pink one with a fur collar was my favourite (of course).

They also have the most incredible confectionary store which of course was hell for Jenna and I but Andy and Jesse were in heaven.  Us girls decided to leave and explore the rest of the main street while the boys enjoyed their treats.

Here is a link to the Unionville website so you can take a wee peek

There were some beautiful houses in Unionville too and there seemed to be lots for sale and lots of open homes.

The trip home was uneventful, except for the huge amount of traffic on these here Canadian highways.

By the time I took this photo the traffic wasn't quite so busy.

This weekend the weather report is for snow and Jenna and I have a bridal shower to attend so there will be no Sunday drive.  

There is so much more of Toronto to explore.  Look forward to another installment sometime soon.



Carol Karl

February 23, 2010