Andy is away in Austin, Texas this weekend.  He went on a business trip on Thursday, had meetings all day Friday and his company paid for him to stay the weekend as there is a huge music festival on there over the weekend - the Austin City Limits.

Yesterday, the remaining family members decided that it was much too nice a day to sit around at home so we headed off to the Family (Canada's equivalent of the Disney Channel in NZ) NBA Jam.  It was obviously focused around basketball but there was lots of other stuff going on too.  We had the best time.

The mascot for the Toronto Raptors was there, Raptor, and he performed all sorts of tricks for the audience including jumping from a mini trampoline, doing a flip and putting the ball in the hoop.  We were all suitably impressed.

Next we went on to watch one of the Harlem Globetrotters.  He first spoke about the history of the Globetrotters which I found very interesting.  I think both my children had zoned out though as none of them could answer the questions when it came time to win the prizes.  He then went on to do his tricks and the kids were certainly zoned back in for that.

The hit of the day though for all of us was the break dancing demos. The two young guys from Montreal did the most amazing demo.  Jesse is particularly interested in anything to do with hip hop or break dancing.  Once the demo was done, one of the guys spent the next hour or so with some kids in the audience, Jesse included, teaching them some moves.  He was so patient with them and encouraging.  I asked if they did lessons and he said he will try to hook us up with some here in Toronto.  That would be amazing as I know that Jesse would really excel at that.

Anyway, I will leave you with the photos, enjoy!



Carol Karl

October 10, 2010