Today we decided it was time to get mobile! We went for another long walk to the car rental place. On the way we passed by a whole street (called Motorway Drive) filled with car sales yards. It was funny. We wandered through and no-one approached us. We had cash in our pockets and would have been very interested in buying a car but obviously these sales people did not want our business. You know how they are in NZ, they pounce on you as soon as you set foot on the lot. We just couldn't believe it. So we continued on our way to the rental place.

Andy had his first taste of driving on the right hand side of the road. He did really well and by tonight he was actually looking really confident. We got a Suzuki Swift so it's nice and small - probably a good idea to start with. Seb came with us and sat in the front so that he could direct Andy which lane, etc.

We had lunch at the mall and we tried Root Beer - YUCK! None of us liked it. I tried Canadian Dry (lemonade) but I must say it wasn't the same as Classic Dry Schweppes!

Okay, so tonight I finally managed to get a photo of a squirrel! It's not very clear because they are quick little buggers who just don't want to be photographed but I sat there for ages trying to get it.

After dinner we went for a drive to the lake - see the photos - it's like the sea but it's a lake! You get your first glimpse of the US across the lake too - it's that thin stripe of dark on the horizon.

We fed the Canadian Geese and some ordinary ducks and swans too.

It was beautiful here. The houses are massive - huge mansions worth millions and they back onto the lake. Maybe I'll have to win the lottery for one of those.

This picture is of a gallery at the lake.

We also had a real treat and a fox posed for some photos. I can't believe that we are seeing all this amazing wildlife. Our hosts think we're funny because it's so commonplace to them.

On the way home we decided to do a chocolate run - what a mission - 3 shops to get dark (non-dairy) chocolate. By the way, I'm very, very disappointed with Canadian drinking chocolate - it all has dairy in it, even the Cadbury which is the only one I can drink at home. I might be asking someone to send it to me! No, that would be silly, I'll just have to change my drink!



Carol Karl

July 20, 2009