Meeting Fellow Kiwis

Last night Andy and I went to a meet some fellow Kiwis from the Kea group. If you don't know Kea is for NZer's and Aussies to get together around the World. We had a great time. We met at Hemingways in Toronto, in a part of Toronto that we hadn't visited before. We will definitely be going back there!

There were Kiwis and Aussies (mostly Kiwis) who had been in Canada 20 years and we were the newest arrivals (by only 1 month though). It was great because they knew what challenges we were facing and knew what to tell us.

I also managed to find out that "The Big Carrot" in Toronto sells all sorts of gluten free stuff so will definitely be paying that a visit in the near future.

Was a great night!

This is Bryce, a Kiwi we met last night - been here for 3 years.

Well, today Andy and I went and sat our G1 drivers license. It's really funny, I've been driving in NZ with a full license since 1980 and now I'm a beginner again! Not really, as I can still drive using my NZ license.

We went out to dinner tonight to celebrate. The place was called The Muddy Duck. The food was OK, they gave Jenna croutons and cheese on her salad even though we asked for no wheat, no dairy. The Polish waitress was fantastic and spent ages chatting to us.

Andy complaining it was too hot - we made him sit outside instead of in the air conditioned part. We thought it was great!

Also complaining that steak here is not the same and he can't wait to get a NZ steak (what's he complaining about he had NZ lamb chops last night).

Jenna - what can I say - looking fantastic in her rapist glasses!

Jesse - is he not the coolest dude around!

Oh, apparently I am now of Polish decent. I've had two people this week mistake me for being Polish. Was at the Polish supermarket the other day and the checkout woman spoke to me in Polish - just had to look at her blankly, sorry.

You might ask what I was doing in the Polish supermarket - I went to look for "real bacon" for Andy. He hates streaky bacon and that's all you can buy here.



Carol Karl

August 13, 2009