Marineland & Niagara Falls

Monday was thanksgiving holiday so we decided to take the opportunity to go to Marineland and Niagara. We thought that we would have heaps of time to do everything we wanted but of course ran out of time. What we did do though was have an amazing time. The first thing we did was go to Marineland. It was the last weekend of the season and it was cold. You will see by our clothing and the look on our faces that it was cold.

We saw dolphins, seals, sea lions, walrus, Orca and Beluga whales. Andy and the kids went on the rollercoaster, Andy and Jesse went on the sky screamer.

Jenna and Jesse got to feed the Beluga whales.

Jenna's arm

Jesse's arm.

After Marineland we retired to the Comfort Inn and then on to Vinny's for dinner where we were entertained by a sleezy looking Italian. Poor Jesse was so tired that he couldn't eat his dinner. He had been up until after midnight the night before as we had been to a BBQ at a friends, poor little guy. He did well.

Jesse and I decided that we'd had enough and went back to the hotel. Jenna and Andy decided that they had to experience the haunted houses along Clifton Hill. They had a fantastic time and returned about 10pm giggling like school girls about all the terrible things they had seen - the favourite for Jenna was being shut in a completely dark room where someone came up and ran something sharp down her back. She said a nasty word at them. Andy's favourite was the Mac Truck that they had to run from when they thought they were safe.

Just look at their faces!

On Monday we went back to Clifton Hill to do some of the "attractions". We went to Movieland Wax Museum. Jesse was quite scared actually, it was quite dark in there and he didn't like it. He saw Harry Potter and Frodo and that made him feel a bit better but he couldn't handle the scary stuff so Jesse and I left.

We also went on the Sky Wheel and to Ripley's Believe it or Not which was fascinating.

In the afternoon we met our friend Natalie at Niagara on the Lake which is a beautiful little town. We had a beer and fries with her and then came home - I drove, it's about an hour and a half.

Our neighbours (and landlords) John and Tara had invited us for thanksgiving dinner so we had just enough time for me to whip up a self saucing chocolate pudding and then we were off again. It was a beautiful turkey dinner.

We came home and crashed and believe me, none of us wanted to get up on Tuesday morning. Jesse was starting his new class (he's gone back to Grade 3 which is where he should have been to start with) and so he had to be a bit early for school. He didn't wake up until 7.45 and had to leave at 8.30. Nevermind, we all had the most amazing weekend and are feeling very grateful for the simple fact that we are able to do such wonderful things.

I've uploaded the photos to the Me Gallery again, I will do that from now on as it's much quicker and you can see them all. I warn you though - we took over 400 photos in 2 days.



Carol Karl

October 15, 2009