Jesse's First Week at Humberside

Yes, I've been slack lately.  The last few weeks of the school holidays zipped by with us keeping Jesse busy.  After our trip away to Muskoka, Andy took Jesse to Canada's Wonderland (huge amusement park), I went with him to a water park and then Andy took him go-carting, all in the space of two weeks.  Life got very busy, getting ready to go back to school and house-hunting (no new house yet).

Jesse started at Humberside Montessori last Tuesday.  I must say, I'm impressed.  In fact, I'm more than impressed, I'm down right amazed at how good this school is.  On the first day, Jesse was a little nervous but settled in right away.  They put him in the 5th grade instead of the 4th but we quickly remedied that.  It doesn't really matter anyway because his class is 9-12 year olds and his teacher had already figured out that he wasn't in the 5th grade.  On his first day he went to the wrong French class where the teacher was asking the students (in French) what they had done over summer.  Jesse was totally in the dark as to what was being said.  He then found out that this was not his class and the next day managed the correct class.  

In true Montessori style, the school uses the wider community to educate the children and on the first day we got a letter home about "going out" and asking for permission.  I have signed up to be a parent helper for some of these outings although quite a few of them are unsupervised - to the library, etc, places within a few minutes walk.  For those who are concerned about this, the children never go alone and they are only allowed to go out unsupervised once they have proven themselves.

I'm finding the traveling a little tiring.  It takes me an hour round trip so that's two hours in the car a day.  I also drive past five Starbucks each way so it's hard to resist although I did manage to until Friday.

On Thursday I went to the Parents Orientation Evening and met quite a few of Jesse's classmate's parents.  Was good and they all seem very friendly.  Andy and I have a meeting with Jim this afternoon to discuss Jesse's needs and make a plan for the future.

Unfortunately, Jesse has a terrible cold and has been home both days this week.  He's much better today so I'm hoping he'll make it to school tomorrow.

There is a school camp at the end of the month.  Jesse is so keen I think he secretly has his bags packed already!

It's so good to see Jesse happy at school and enjoying learning.  Thanks Humberside!



Carol Karl

September 14, 2010