Jesse's First Day of School

On Tuesday Jesse started school at Northstar Montessori.

He got all dressed up in his school uniform (which should be made of gold - it cost enough) and was feeling very proud.

School hours are drop off at 8.45am (no earlier) for a 9am start and finish at 3.45pm. They have a drive through system to collect your children. The children assemble in the gym, you all queue in your cars and as you drive up to the door they radio into the gym for the children to be sent out. You feel like asking if you want fries with that.

Jesse was very shy and nervous on his first day. He asked me if I could stay the whole day with him but of course as soon as he got there he was fine. He came home smiling so that's the main thing.

Other news - we have put in yet another offer on a house to rent. This one is more expensive - $1700 per month but it is a detached house with a very large section (for here anyway). We are waiting for the landlord to come back to us and advise if they accept.

Customs finally released our goods today and we only had to pay $800 in tax. We decided to just pay it because there isn't much likelihood of Andy getting a job in the next few days and it was going to cost us for Crown to store it anyway. Jesse is very excited about getting his drums.

Oh, and for the bakers among you, today I bought the most amazing muffin pans - they are silicone pans with a metal top. If you've ever tried baking with silicone muffin pans you'll know that they are floppy and you can't get them into the oven without spilling them. Well, because of the metal surrounding the actual pans, they are just like ordinary pans and no probs getting them in and out. Okay, so that's a bit of trivia you probably didn't need to know or even understand but I think it's cool.



Carol Karl

September 9, 2009