Jesse Visits Humberside

Jesse spent a day at Humberside Montessori yesterday - he loved it.  

He went to do some volunteer work, helped with the shopping for Thursday's lunch, went to the park for PE and French.  He also started a project on Kiwis.  When I met with the teacher after school she said she hardly got to spend time with him because all the kids were busy making him feel at home.

It's so good to see that he's happy.

After discussions with the Principal and teacher, we have decided to stick to the original plan of Jesse starting in September (this will also save us $2000).  It's only 9 weeks until end of term so I will be home schooling until then.  We have a plan, our first day of home schooling on Monday went well.  

His new teacher, Neve wants him to visit a couple more times before the end of term so that he will feel at home when he starts in September and also so that we can discuss how things are going with school at home.

Now there's only one thing left to do - find a house in Bloor West Village so we can move there.  The 25 minute commute (leaving home at 7.30am) was OK but on the way back (about 8.30am), it was really apparent that if we'd left any later it would have taken at least an hour which means for me an hour an a half to drop him off at school and then an hour to pick him up.  Not ideal at all, hence the decision to wait to start school until we find somewhere closer to live.  

It's going to be a bit of an adjustment for Jesse to be home schooled, he was great on Monday but today he thinks he's on holiday.  Will have to whip him into shape



Carol Karl

April 14, 2010