It's Great to be a Kiwi

Spent the morning yelling at the TV!  Watched the Italy vs NZ World Cup Match and oh my, what a match.  Well done the All Whites for an amazing defense and all round well played game.

I couldn't even jump up and down this morning as I sprained my ankle on Friday and have been hobbling around ever since - small boy left small sharp object on floor at bottom of stairs.  Silly me, stood on it and twisted my ankle.  

Had to laugh at the commentator saying that NZ was a country of just over 2 million people, where did the rest go?  Maybe it's because people like us keep leaving.

World Cup fever is everywhere here.  There are huge number of cars driving around with their country's flags (us included).  On Friday we were driving along the road and there was a group of young guys, shirts off, wrapped in their country's flags standing right in the middle of the road.  We tooted as we passed and they cheered us on.

We were supposed to go down to Scallywags this morning to watch with a group of Kiwis but with my foot and Andy's need to work today, we decided to watch at home instead.  Would have been a great celebration but nevermind.

Good luck to the All Whites for Thursday's game against Paraguay.

Thought I'd also share with you this photo - Jesse spilled Andy's beer a few weeks ago and this is the shape that it formed.



Carol Karl

June 20, 2010