It's Been a While

Yes, I apologise for the slackness in blogging since returning to NZ but to be honest it's been a busy time.

Andy arrived home on the 8th of February.  Jenna, Jesse and I had been staying with friends (multiple) in Wellington so we made the trip back up to Auckland to collect him.  The plan was for us to stay a couple of weeks.  Andy had interviews organised so as soon as he got off the plane that was his first priority.  None of those jobs have come to fruition yet but that's OK.

Jenna left us the following Sunday as she was offered (and accepted) a job as an Assistant Manager of a Hallensteins branch (menswear chain of stores).  

We moved into a little flat to housesit for some people who were staying in Wellington.  Unfortunately, the flat didn't have a bathroom as it was being renovated so we were sleeping there but using our friends' bathroom.

On the Tuesday disaster struck!  I slipped at our friends' house and seriously damaged my foot.  Spent the afternoon at Auckland Hospital, very nice people I must say, and was put into a backsplit plaster (plaster with a gap right up the front).  I was to wear this cast for two weeks, no weightbearing.  What a drag.  Of course, you can imagine how happy my husband was about this development!  (Note: it was our wedding anniversary)

I had a couple of interviews organised in Wellington so at the weekend we headed back down to Wellington.  Yes, I went to all my interviews with my leg in plaster - they won't forget me in a hurry!

We stayed with our ex-neighbours Heather and Perry and it was really weird to be staying right next door to our old house.  Their house has lots of stairs so it was a challenge.  

Right in the middle of all of this Christchurch was struck by the disasterous earthquake so we were glued to the TV, watching in horror as the scenes unfolded, hoping for miracles for all concerned.  It was a really hard week for NZ and it continues on.  We didn't have any friends or family in Christchurch but that really didn't make it any easier to watch.  Our thoughts are continuing to be with those who are without water, flushing toilets and power, and those who lost their loved ones.

Now, to the latest developments.  We have rented a house in Johnsonville, Wellington.  It's a dump, needs a good clean and is very cold (so we found out when the weather turned to autumn all of a sudden).  We rented it because it was short term and we could move in straight away.  We will move on soon but it is somewhere to live for now.  For all intents and purposes we are camping inside the house.  We have no furniture or electrical appliances (although we bought a fridge last weekend).  Big thank you to all the friends who have lent us pots and pans, dishes and blankets.  We really do appreciate it and you have all made us feel very welcome home.  Our stuff won't arrive from Canada until around the end of May so it's gonna be roughing it a bit until then.

While all of this was going on I got a phone call about a job in Auckland - I'd had and interview shortly after returning to NZ - now that I was back in Wellington they were offering.  I did need some time to think this through so I took a week, wanted to wait till my foot was out of plaster and I could see how independent I would be.  I also was on a very short list for another job in Wellington.  Unfortunately, this one didn't pan out (but may do in the future) so I left on Tuesday for Auckland, leaving my family behind in Wellington.  The contract is only for 8-10 weeks so I'm hoping that we can cope with being apart for that long.  I'm missing my family very much but I will go home at the weekends.

I am staying with friends for the third time since arriving from Canada - big thanks to them also.  I'm looking for somewhere to live closer into the city, perhaps a room in someone's home.  If you know of anything let me know.

The job itself is quite interesting, it's configuring a learning management system.  I've been there for three days and know that I will enjoy it, it's a nice environment and the people are great.  Biggest bonus is that I get to see my best friend Tim every day!

So, that's about all the news for now.  The foot is healing nicely and I've just this weekend ditched the crutches.  I had to go buy shoes (what a hardship) that would fit my swollen foot.  For some reason all my shoes except sandals and running shoes got shipped so won't appearing on our shores until the end of May.

Just one last note - my thoughts are with the Japanese.  Jenna's best friend Roz is there so there was a moment of panic on Friday night as we tried to find out if she was in the affected areas.  Also, my niece-in-law is Japanese but her family is safe also.

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March 12, 2011