Ice Skating

Yesterday we went ice skating.  It was fun and much easier than we thought it would be.  Our friend Mike took us to Nathan Phillips Park.  Once we got our skates on we managed to stand (a feat all of it's own) then it was onto the ice - gosh that step down onto the ice seemed very high!

Once on the ice there was lots of giggling - Jenna and I were holding hands - not sure who was holding who up.

We quickly got the hang of it.

Jesse did very well and did better when he was not holding onto anyone.

Andy enjoyed it too and managed to get his head around it quite quickly.

It's really hard on the ankles and legs - my quads are quite sore today so we kept having to stop to rest.  I sat down on the edge and couldn't get up.  Had to ask a nice Asian man for a hand up in return for which I took some photos of his family for him.

After about an hour we'd had enough - we couldn't feel our toes anymore as it was -10 so we headed off to the pub for lunch and a warm up.

Ice Rink

I think Jenna's having trouble standing up.

Jenna and Jesse.

Mike - How it should be done.

All in all, we had a great day!  Thanks Mike.



Carol Karl

December 29, 2009