Ice Hockey

Well, what a night. Our first ice hockey experience. Actually, it was great. We had a wonderful time. Jesse's explanation of the game is "nice and violent". He is referring to the players being smashed against the perspex by another player.

The teams were the Mississauga Majors vs the Petersborough team. The Majors won.

At half time, these tiny little kids dressed in all their hockey gear came out onto the ice. They were adorable. It was somewhat like watching dominoes. The puck would go past and one would fall over, then the next would watch it go past and fall over and on it went. So cute.

The little guys

Jesse with the Majors Maniac.

The game is very exciting and you have to keep your eye on the puck, otherwise you can easily miss what's happening. It wasn't nearly as cold in there as I'd imagined. They clean up the ice after every period, of which there are 3, with big machines.

Classic Canadian saying of the night was "he needed a bit more wood on it aye" meaning he needed to hit it harder.

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Carol Karl

October 14, 2009