It's official!  They said it on the news last night.  We are officially in the middle of a heatwave.  Yesterday our outside thermometer read 55 celsius in the shade (still 35 at 9pm last night). People are being advised to stay indoors and only go outside if it's absolutely necessary.  The city has set up "cooling stations" where you can go to get cool and a nice drink.

We have succumbed to using our air conditioning and even with that on it was too hot to sleep last night.  I do feel sorry for the people who live in the area that the power went out about 4.30pm yesterday and was still off late last night.  We had a couple of power spikes but nothing serious and we were only without power for a few minutes.

The humidity is so thick that you can actually see it in the air.  It's like a thick cloud hanging over the city and as you look along the street it's like it's really light rain.

Don't get me wrong, the weather is amazing.  Just wish I had a pool to enjoy.



Carol Karl

July 6, 2010