Harry Potter Exhibition

A week ago we went to the Ontario Science Centre to see the Harry Potter Exhibition (sorry it's taken me so long to write about it but to be fair, I did and then the computer froze and I lost it all).  

The exhibition was truly amazing.  I highly recommend it to those who are fans and those who are not so much.  The detail of the workmanship was just tremendous.  

Sorry there are no photos as this was a "no digital device" zone.

The tour started with the sorting hat.  Jesse was sorted into Gryffindor House (no surprises there).  He was very pleased with this choice.  He was determined that he would not be a Slytherin but secretly was hoping for Gryffindor I think.

We were then whisked away into the main exhibition where we saw many of the sets, like Harry and Ron's bedroom, complete with the chocolates that made Ron fall in love, Professor Deloris Umbridge's office where Harry had to write his lines in blood (quill included) and many more.  I particularly liked pulling the Mandrakes out of their pots and hearing them scream (sadistic, I know).  

It's really hard to say what my favourite part was. Buckbeak was impressive.  He was life sized (horse sized) and every single feather on him was hand trimmed, dyed and glued on.  He was robotic and apparently, the cast and crew used to get a kick out of him following them with his head when they walked past.  Jesse enjoyed playing quiddich.  It was interesting to see how small the costumes were from the first films.  I think that Daniel Radcliffe must have been about Jesse's size when he did the first movie but then, judging by the costumes, grew quite considerably over the time.

Jesse was not so fond of the dementors and rushed me past this part of the exhibition.  Andy spent quite a long time here.  Jesse spent a long time staring at the fake food used for the scenes in the great dining hall, which was complete with the candles suspended in the air.

The amount of detail on the costumes was incredible.  Professor Gilderoy Lockhart's vest was made from silk and hand quilted in a one inch grid.  Professor Albus Dumbledore's evening cloak was probably one of the most amazing pieces of handwork I've ever seen, with tiny seed beads hand stitched all around the three inch velvet trim and it's beautiful applique.  Professor Minerva McGonagall's outfit was so beautiful, it too was appliqued.  There was such a feeling of decadence about the costumes which did not translate quite so well onscreen.

I could go on but so as not to bore you will stop now.  I do, however, strong suggest that if you get the chance to visit this exhibition, you take it.



Carol Karl

August 20, 2010