Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all!  I trust that the New Year was ushered in in the most appropriate fashion.  For me, it was a quiet one.  Andy and I decided that we must be old when we thought it would be better to stay at home and watch the celebrations on TV rather than facing the rain and the cold to actually go down to Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto where it was all happening.  The TV event turned out to be rather good, showcasing a lot of Canadian talent which was interesting for us.

The year has started well with Jesse and I staying home for a "chill out" day.  He is playing Lego Star Wars on the PS3 that was under the tree this year and I am sitting stitching, watching the snow fall.  Andy has gone shopping for new clothes for work and Jenna has not yet returned home from last evenings festivities although we have heard from her and she is feeling a little under the weather today - wonder why!

I have made only one New Year's resolution this year - BE HAPPY!  Really once that's sorted, everything else falls into place.

One thing I wanted to share, I heard Andy utter this line to Jesse yesterday as they were cleaning up after taking out the Christmas tree.  The line was - "don't vacuum your hair"!  What parent hasn't heard that!

On that note, I wish you all the best for the New Year, may it bring happiness and prosperity to all.



Carol Karl

January 1, 2010