Galaxy Golf and Brick City

While returning from the border on Saturday, we decided to stop at Niagara to have some celebratory fun.  It was raining and miserable so we decided that indoor activities were on the cards.  Jesse's choice was to play Galaxy Golf - an indoor mini golf course which is lit by blue lights.  It's actually really hard to play golf in this light because you can't see the small bumps and crevices so your ball does not go where you expect it to.

We also went to Brick City - a mini city made completely from Lego including the portraits.  It's amazing.  It was made by one guy (obviously didn't have much else to do) and it took him five years.  There is the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, ACDC playing a concert including sound.  Really worth a look if you're ever in the neighbourhood.



Carol Karl

March 19, 2010