First Snow Fall

Ok, ok, it wasn't much, but it was enough to get us Kiwis excited.

We awoke this morning to find the lightest dusting of snow on the surrounding rooftops and on the ground.

By the time I took Jesse to school it was almost all gone - just enough left that I had to wash the car windows - more like a heavy frost than snow. A sign of things to come though.

First snow on our deck.

Driving back from school, the road was so bright that I could hardly see. You don't need your sunglasses for the sun, just the glare.

Andy bought a clock which tells the temperature inside and out so we know that it only went as low as 1 degree overnight (celsius). I'm sure it's gonna get much colder - bring it on!

It's looking like Jesse may get his wish of snow for his birthday on Saturday. Thinking we might take him ice skating - what do you think?



Carol Karl

December 1, 2009