Extreme Success and Not So Much!

I got up yesterday morning with a big agenda:

  • Baking in the morning
  • Take Jenna to job interview
  • Buy craft supplies
  • Help Jesse make his shield

Ok, so the day started off well.  I made the most stunning (and yummy) Lemon Curd Layer Cake.  It's a recipe that I've been wanting to make since before we left New Zealand and as I'd been re-watching some of the Delia Smith How to Cook episodes (which I highly recommend) I'd seen her make it again and it revived my desire.  I had to find the tins, which was no small feat.  On my search, I found an excellent shop that specialises in baking equipment and had almost everything I wanted and they do classes in cake decorating.

Next, I thought I'd make Afghans, those yummy chocolate cookies with crunchy cornflakes in them and a walnut on top.  Success here was not to be. The humidity at the moment is really high, so high that you can actually see it in the air, and humidity and baking really don't mix.  So, the cookies came out flat, as you can see, but they were ridiculously soft, so soft that I couldn't even get them off the paper without them breaking.  It didn't stop us eating them though.  If I could eat ice cream, they would have been really nice crumbled into it.

Next on the list was Jenna's job interview.  It was at Boston Pizza and it went well.  They only pay minimum wage of $8.90 though (plus tips).  Here's hoping she will get a call back.

While Jenna was at her interview, Jesse and I went to Walmart to complete the next item on my agenda - shopping for craft supplies.  My latest "mission" is to teach myself tatting (lace making) so I needed some crochet cotton and a teeny weeny crochet hook.  Somehow I was convinced that we should buy a Bey Blade (toy) as well.

Home for lunch next and to be honest, I had kind a run out of steam.  It was really hot and muggy and all I wanted to do was sit in my chair and work on my tatting.

Jenna took up the challenge of helping with the shield.  I had helped the other day by cutting out a gazillion printed snakes to go around Madusa's head, now it was her turn to help put it all together.  The shield is still incomplete, not sure what it's supposed to shield you from when it's made out of papier mache and card but I'm sure Jesse will give it some special powers in his imaginary World. He's very into Greek Mythology at the moment having just completed reading the entire Percy Jackson series.

After 5 collected Andy from work, made chicken nachos for dinner, with Lemon Curd Layer Cake for dessert and watched Outrageous Fortune - season premiere was a stunner and I miss NZ!



Carol Karl

July 15, 2010