Driving to Hamden

Well, we've lived in Canada for almost 18 months and I must say, we've been really slack - my cousin lives just 8 hours drive away from us in Connecticut and we haven't seen him yet.  Sooo, we decided that it was long past time we visited.  Andy has a couple of weeks off work and the weather - apart from the snow storm last week - has not yet gotten too snowy so it seemed like a good time.

We left home at 6.30am, the trip to the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara was uneventful.  We crossed the border without also, we're getting to be pros at this.  After that, it was pretty much all new territory.

There was a lot of snow in the north of New York state.  It's funny, but what we saw in our trip north was much more what we expected of Canada before we arrived.  The trip took us just over nine hours, we really enjoyed seeing the snow and the hills, the long icicles hanging from the houses where the foot or so of snow had begun to melt from the roof and just in general, it was an amazing journey.  We were impressed with the drivers who were calm and well behaved.

We arrived in Hamden, CT at around 4pm.  My cousin, Keith, his wife, Holly and their two children Bonnie and Ben welcomed us into their beautiful home.  I haven't seen Keith for approximately 30 years so it was strange.  I would have recognised him anywhere though as he is very much like the other members of his family.  He has a lot less hair than when I saw him last - at 20 he was sporting long, blonde straggly locks.  Now it's much more tidy and well-groomed.

The photos are just of the road and the snow, but if you want to check them out click here.



Carol Karl

December 20, 2010