Delicious Lemony Indulgence


This gluten free recipe is one of my favourites.  I don't make it often (because I could eat the whole lot) but it's so easy that I love making it.  Don't be scared of the three stages (cake, lemon curd and icing).  The steps are really easy and not even that time consuming.  I made this cake on Friday for Jesse's class dessert evening and it went down a treat.  I was pleased though that there was a little bit left to bring home so I could eat it.  

I urge you to try this cake - it's something really special and you will wow people with its light feathery texture and intense lemon flavour.  Sometimes I make it with four layers and sometimes just two - it doesn't matter it's delicious either way.  Click here for the recipe.


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February 2, 2014