Day Lake at the Lake

Yesterday was such a lovely day, it was 14 degrees here (spring has sprung I think) and Jenna's day off so her, Jesse and I went down and spent the day by the lake. We found a lovely sheltered spot on the edge of the lake where we could sit back and enjoy the sun.

We took a picnic lunch and just spent the day poking around in the rocks and feeding the geese, one of which I got extremely friendly with - it was eating out of my hand although that scared me a bit, thought it might bite me.

It was one of those really special days you want to remember forever. The lake was perfectly flat like glass too. We all got a good dose of vitamin D, much needed I think. When I couldn't wait to use the little girls room anymore we headed off to Starbucks.

We then took our drinks off down to the lake again.



Carol Karl

March 10, 2010