Day 1 of Our South Island Adventure


We were bright and early this morning (5am) to catch the ferry to the South Island for the first leg  of our camping trip.  We managed to stuff our car full of all the required camping gear as well as Jesse.  Jenna will be joining us tomorrow in Christchurch.

We arrived in Picton at around 11am and drove towards Kaikoura, passing through Blenheim and Seddon.  We drove along the coastline which was absolutely stunning, with the mountains to our right with a few snowy caps still showing.

The sun was shining so we stopped for lunch by a river.  We also stopped several times, once by a gorgeous little church so I could take photos and a couple of times to look at the sea and try and spot some seals and penguins.   We arrived in Kaikoura at around 2pm where we set up our tent and then decided it was way too hot for sightseeing and went for a swim in the pool.

Once we’d cooled off we took a tour of this beautiful coastal town.  It’s lovely.

Jesse said that this was the best day ever because he got to see penguins, seals, deer, a parrot in a car on the ferry, trout and the ducklings that interrupted our dinner and ate from Jesse’s hand.

I've created a photo gallery which I'll add to over the next two weeks as we travel.


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January 6, 2014