Day 1 in Canada

Well, today we slept till lunch time (almost). Andy and I woke up at about 6am thinking, "Wow, this is great, we'll just get up and be readjusted" - not so. We fell back to sleep and the next thing we knew it was 11am!

We got up then and by the time we showered and the kids were up it was after lunchtime.

Chris took us down to Walmart because we needed to buy some pillows and we wanted to look at mobile phone plans. Turns out that Canada is way behind NZ on anything technical so we can't use our iphones here - we'll have to buy new ones but they are really cheap with a plan so we may send them back to NZ to be sold there (any takers?). We didn't spend long at the shops because we were just too tired. Chris was complaining about the weather - there was a few drops of rain in the air but it was still hot and we were thinking it was great.

We went into the local supermarket which, it turns out sells nothing gluten free so will have to investigate the ones further afield for that.

Oh, by the way, this morning we saw a squirrel in the backyard. It was so cool. They are just like they look in photos. I haven't been able to nab a photo of one yet but as soon as I can I will post it. They run up and down the trees and along the fences, just like the birds do at home. Apparently they are really common but they have been somewhat hiding from us I think. They are so incredibly cute and have long fluffy tails. We are told that black ones are rare so can't wait to see one.

After dinner we went to the mall and stayed until about 9pm. It was very busy and overwhelming. Bought some Canadian chocolate - not like NZ chocolate at all - dark chocolate in NZ is very bitter but this was very sweet, but then most things here are very sweet.

When we came home we just sat and chatted with the family, they are really interested in NZ culture so we are learning from each other. Don't know whether I said in my last blog but they are Romanian family living here in Canada so it's a different culture again. Because of the time zone readjustment we ended up not going to bed until late because it was still the middle of the afternoon for us. We went to sleep pretty much straight away though so we must have still been tired.


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Carol Karl

December 31, 2008