Crazy Summer Weather

Yesterday there was a terrible storm - we were out in it but luckily we missed the tornado. Click here to view the footage on the news channel.

We were out picking up Jenna from Anastasia's when we drove into a wall of water - the cars on the highway just stopped and put their hazard lights on. We inched forward, luckily we weren't far from our destination so we continued our journey but it was scary.

There was lightning all around us and we could only see the car in front by the lights because of the rain. The thunder was just a constant rumble.

When we got there we ran inside and I looked like I had stepped into the shower in my clothes - we were all dripping. We sheltered there for bit and then ventured out once it calmed down. We got home safely, only to hear that there had been two tornados and people had lost their homes and one person was killed.

It's just terrible. This morning it is still raining but there is no wind. My heart goes out to those who lost their homes and the family of the person who died.

Thankfully this is unusual weather for Canada.



Carol Karl

August 20, 2009