Catch Up Photos, etc

I just downloaded my holiday photos and realised that there were lots of photos on my camera that I had not yet shared with you all so I thought I'd upload them for you before blogging about the holiday.

The first lot are just some photos we took of houses we have been looking at.  They're kind of random but if you're interested in seeing what Canadian houses look like, feel free to take a look.

For more photos go to the gallery.

The next set are from our last border crossing trip to Buffalo when we got our permanent residency.  We had been promising Jesse every time we drove past this shipwreck that we would stop so we finally did.  We really did enjoy the view and also stopped at an antique shop very close by.  The house itself was amazing and it was filled with fantastic treasures from years gone by.  I would like to visit again sometime soon.  I've put the rest of these photos in the gallery also.

The next photo is one of a hut Jesse made in the lounge by rearranging the furniture and using every blanket/quilt we own.  This has been his favourite pass time over the school holidays which have seemed to go on forever.

These photos are of Professor Lake at Brampton.  Jenna, Jesse and I went there one Friday to swim.  Jesse particularly enjoyed the huge water slide. If you'd like to see more, check out the gallery.

So, that's it, all sorts of random photos for you to look at.



Carol Karl

August 20, 2010