Canada - Land of Ity Bity Dresses?

Saturday was Mosaic's Christmas party.  It was huge - more than 325 people!  

It was a freezing cold night, when we left the house it was minus six and with the wind chill factor it felt like minus 20!  I was suffering from the beginnings of a cold so I dressed warmly in a nice knit top and skirt with boots, layered up with a scarf, my down coat, gloves and hat!

When we arrived it was apparent that I was extremely under-dressed (or over-dressed depending on which way you look at it).  All the women were dressed in ity bity cocktail dresses.   I just do not understand how can you get down to your next to nothing when it's freezing outside?  Well, you'd think that they would turn up the heat to accommodate for all these ladies in their little dresses but it was actually quite cold inside too.  To be fair, it was probably about 20 inside but every time the door opened a freezing wind would whip in.

Dinner was lovely, with three different "food stations" placed around the venue.  Everything from roast beef and roast potatoes to souvlaki and poutine (fries with gravy and cheese curd).  There certainly was plenty to choose from.

The night was complete with dancing and good (albeit loud) conversation.

It was nice to be out and about with my husband and meet a lot of the people he works with.  I must say, his company is full of beautiful people - many start work at Mosaic as brand ambassadors (eg Bud Girls), who are employed because of the way they look, and progress up the ranks so yes, they are beautiful.  Even the guys were extremely attractive!

We got home about 1am by which time I had almost lost my voice.  Jenna was still up, Jesse got up as it was his 10th birthday (on Sunday) and he couldn't wait.  

Unfortunately, I paid for my night out by getting a full blown cold and spent the next two days in bed, as did Jesse.  Poor Jesse, his introduction to double digits was a bit of a non-event.  His friends were un-invited and he lay on the couch all day.  We are finally on the mend, although my voice is still kind of dodgy.  I'm planning to reschedule the friends for later in the week and will make him a birthday cake.  He did, however, get all the presents he had asked for.


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December 7, 2010