Camp - the Aftermath

Thought I'd better tell you what Jesse told me about camp - everything!

Actually, I'm not going to go into all the details but the lowdown is I met him on Friday at the bus which was more than an hour late.  They were expected back at school at 2.45pm and they arrived around 4pm.  Jesse climbed off the bus looking, like most children who got off the bus, tired and unkept.  Most had not done their hair or probably even showered, by the way they looked.  Certainly Jesse told me he had not showered since leaving on Wednesday.

His first words to me were not "hello" but "can you get my bag".  He was so tired that he couldn't think.  He then proceeded to climb into the bus storage compartment and unload everyone else's bags before finding his own right at the end.

Once we got into the car and started the trip home he seemed to relax and the stories started to flow.  He talked endlessly (for about three hours) about archery, rock climbing, climbing ropes, fox dens, red squirrels, eagles, food, late nights, camp fires, eating frozen mint flavoured glow worms (yes, that's right glow worms), teepees, but most of all - fun.  

When we got home I unpacked his bag to find all of his wet clothes stuck in on top of his dry ones.  There weren't many wet clothes and his pajamas were still folded so I don't think he even wore those - ah boys!

He had a wonderful time and told us all about it.  He slept late on Saturday morning and then just wanted to sit around all day, I think if he'd been given the opportunity, he wouldn't even have gotten dressed.

It's so good to know that he had such an amazing time.



Carol Karl

October 5, 2010