BBQ at the Lake

Jenna - not sure if she's guarding the wine glasses or the "cooler"!

Andy had been to Canadian Tire (extremely useful chain of stores who sell almost everything) in the morning and bought this mini charcoal BBQ. Was fantastic. Even though it was small it did an extremely good job.

Sexy me or the BBQ!

Also bought two fantastic water guns so the kids got very wet.

Hmmm - how much more meat can I fit on this tiny BBQ?

We liked this place so much that the next day we went there for dinner - we had someone looking through our house (to lease it) so we had to vacate so decided the lake was a good place to eat fish and chips - sorry not good old NZ fish and chips but they were OK.

How mad do you think Mum would be if I fell in?
Damned sandflies!


August 18, 2009