Us (minus Jenna who took the photo) and Bryce at the Baseball

Yes, it's true - I went to a baseball game but don't tell anyone. A couple of Sundays ago (yes I've been tardy at writing) Bryce one of our friendly Kea's took the whole Karl clan to a Blue Jays (Toronto's home team) baseball game.We had excellent fun. I took lots of photos and really they tell the story except to say that I really enjoyed it. It was exactly like you see in the movies, the music, the cheering and the national anthem. Of course they first sang the USA anthem (for the opposing team) and then the Canadian one. I'm was amazed when my son (after only 2 weeks of school) stood there hand on heart and sang the Canadian national anthem knowing all the words - they teach 'em the important things first!

School Children Singing the National Anthems

Great action shot!

This was before the game and all the blue seats are empty - they weren't empy for long.

The three guys standing in the front became the ring leaders for the mexican wave that went around the whole stadium about three times.

The ring leaders described above wearing the Blue Jays blankets handed out at the beginning of the game - we have three of them.

Blue Jays mascot

A full stadium!

All in all we had a fantastic day - thanks Bryce!



Carol Karl

October 8, 2009